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Your home should feel like a haven; tell your life's history; and reflect who you are and your personality. Your home should support you in your endeavors. If your home does not suit your needs, or feel like 'you', then it is time to do something about it. 

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Living Room With Coffee Table and Plants

Mood boards designed just for your style and needs. 

Color swatches and matching painting

Rooms designed and finished, including hanging the art. 

Bedroom design with framed photo wall

Or styled with your accessories to give the room that finished look. 



I adore using vintage goods and family heirlooms in the rooms I design. Reusing furniture and accessories is one way I am green in my design practice. I try to mix in goods from companies that use sustainable practices in their manufacturing. I believe in supporting local makers and the added benefit is something unique and beautiful for your home. 


My name is Kandy Christensen and I am a creator, maker, dreamer, photographer, traveler and Certified Interior Decorator. My goal is to help you transform your life. I believe that our homes should be unique and beautiful, that good design can change the world, that our space should support our life goals, that we talk about using systems on line and we need to set them up in our home, I know color is scary, but you can do it, rules are meant to broken (go ahead and color outside of the lines), every home should have a plant, that trends come and go but good design lasts, I believe that our home should be a sanctuary, and transforming your home can transform your life. 

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Meandering Design

Kandy Christensen grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and her family's roots are deep in the city. After knocking about the Midwest for a couple of years she finally found her way home to Chicago in 2001. She spent a year in Iraq working in the human rights field and that experience strongly influences her need to incorporate ethical, sustainable and local design into her life and her work.

Kandy is a Certified Interior Decorator and designs spaces using upcycled, vintage and locally sourced goods. Utilizing such materials ensures that every space she designs is unique. She is a strong supporter of the DIY movement and believes in helping her clients create their own space. She is available to consult and be a partner in a project or she can complete the design from initial conception to implementation.

Photography by  Dorey Kronick

Photography by Dorey Kronick

Kandy is passionate about the work that she does and loves sharing her love of design with others. She speaks about upcycling, revamping, makers, sustainability and the importance of design. Kandy has spoken at Ignite Chicago and Potluck! A Smorgasbord of Ideas. She believes good design can change the world. 

Corner of living room design with decorative pillows and artwork

Photography By Dorey Kronick

If you would like to talk about interior design or you just want to say 'hello' then drop me a line and we can start chatting about your needs.


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