Letting Go

Today's podcast is about looking at what is causing the clutter and chaos in your life. It's the first step towards reclaiming your space. 

Honorable mentions:
Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I offer a class called Life Redesigned that helps you clear away the clutter, get clear on what you want to do and help you create a space that supports your life's desires. 


If you would like a full transcript of today's podcast, well, here you go




Today's podcast is a departure from the usual. I'm talking about the Women's March in D.C. and direct action that you can take to promote and protect human rights. 


Sign up for 10 Actions for the first 100 days

Michael Moore's speech at the march.  Michael Moore is also posting actions to take on his facebook page. 

Ashley Judd recites Nina Donovan's poem. 

My new anthem by MILCK. 

Norine Hill opened with a powerful song (unfortunately I can't find much information on this song and it is frustrating me) 

Make Big Plans

Did you make a New Year's Resolution? I didn't, but I did make some big hairy audacious goals and I'm talking about how to set your own goals. Take a listen and let me know if you have any further questions.

Make New Friends

This week's podcast episode (Make New Friends) is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and meeting new people. As an introvert who has a dreaded fear of networking and meeting new people I've created a couple of rules for myself. 


  • I have to make one genuine connection
  • I'm allowed to leave right after the event ends. I don't have to hang out and chit-chat, but only after I've made one genuine connection.

That's it. And those two rules have alleviated a ton of my anxiety. 

Another tip I heard recently was to compliment someone. It helps break the ice. I was at a bookstore and someone started talking to me because of the book I was reading. I was at a networking event and sitting awkwardly not talking to the person next to me and I complimented her earrings (which I really did like!) and we started chatting. 

So go forth and make some connections because you never know what friendship may blossom. 

If you want a transcript of this week's podcast it is available here.

What are your networking tips or tricks? Where do you go to meet new people? 

Life Redesigned

This week's episode is about my new class Life Redesigned which will help you clear out the things in your home that are not serving you well and holding you back. 


Through the work that I've been doing with design clients and through teaching about Interior Design I've found that there is a need for something more beyond creating pretty spaces. 

So, I've created a class called Life Redesigned

Our lives are busy, we put ourselves last, our homes are cluttered and it feels sometimes like chaos reigns. 

If any of the below statements are true a) you are not alone and b) it's time for a change. 

  1. You can't close your 'junk' drawer
  2. You keep reaching for the same five things hanging in your closet and the rest of your clothes are gathering dust
  3. You've experienced loss or grief and have a hard time letting go of things
  4. You misplace your keys at least once a week
  5. There is a pile of mail on the dining room table
  6. You are ashamed to have people over
  7. You are afraid the dust bunnies will start attacking soon
  8. Your home makes you feel anxious
  9. Your house looks clean on the surface but if anyone opens the closet the gig is up
  10. You think if you get a storage system everything will get better

So join me and we'll set your feet on a new path.