How to Create an Urban Garden

urban garden.jpg

This episode gives some tips and tricks for the urban gardener. I love plants and I'm exciting to be sharing what I've learned over the years. If you are on iTunes take a listen and make sure you subscribe to receive new podcasts when they go live. 


  • Resources- First I always recommend the nursery when buying a new plant. They are going to be your best resource. My ZZ plant recently had some leaves turn yellow and I googled the heck out of that. Turns out, I was overwatering. I eased up on watering and now it's green and healthy. I love the Urban Jungle Bloggers. They have some wonderful plant inspiration. Another great blogger is Justina Blakeney. She's got great boho style and often talks about plants. Keep in mind though that she is in Cali, which means some plants may not work if you live elsewhere!