Make New Friends

This week's podcast episode (Make New Friends) is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and meeting new people. As an introvert who has a dreaded fear of networking and meeting new people I've created a couple of rules for myself. 


  • I have to make one genuine connection
  • I'm allowed to leave right after the event ends. I don't have to hang out and chit-chat, but only after I've made one genuine connection.

That's it. And those two rules have alleviated a ton of my anxiety. 

Another tip I heard recently was to compliment someone. It helps break the ice. I was at a bookstore and someone started talking to me because of the book I was reading. I was at a networking event and sitting awkwardly not talking to the person next to me and I complimented her earrings (which I really did like!) and we started chatting. 

So go forth and make some connections because you never know what friendship may blossom. 

If you want a transcript of this week's podcast it is available here.

What are your networking tips or tricks? Where do you go to meet new people?