My design philosophy is strongly driven by the need to incorporate sustainable, thoughtfully made, local and handmade products into the home. I search for treasures, sometimes within your own home, that fit your needs, your design style, who you are, how you live your life and how you want the space to function. I avidly support local artists, artisans, makers and the maker movement. I firmly believe that it is possible to incorporate sustainable practices in design without sacrificing style and while staying on budget. 

I believe that every home tells a story. There is an indelible imprint that is left by the things we surround ourselves with. For me, a home is made up of the memories of the people who have passed through those doors. I am inspired by people's histories. I incorporate family heirlooms, childhood treasures, collections, personal ephemera and objects found while traveling into the spaces I design. Let me help you tell your story.

From hanging art, moving furniture around, creating a design plan so you can do it yourself, styling, finding the perfect color or the right armchair, to decorating your home, there are multiple ways I can assist you with making a house feel like your home. 

Kandy was my first experience working with a designer, and it was such a positive one! She is fun, friendly, open, responsive, and very talented and creative! She worked with me to assess my style, my priorities, and really helped get creative to stay within my budget. Not only do I love the spaces she helped me create, but I also feel like she introduced me to valuable resources and design skills that I have used on my own since. I highly recommend her!
— Amy



Sometimes before you can create a beautiful home you need to create space. If you are finding it difficult to let things go or are overwhelmed by the process I can help. There are many different reasons why people find it hard to declutter. Sometimes it is because of emotional connections to things, or from feeling stuck in life, and sometimes you just don't even know where to start. I will come to your home and talk you through the challenges you are facing, develop a plan and be available via phone and email to check in and help you finish the project.        

Cost is $350 per room, which includes one hour initial consultation, plan and ongoing support until the project is completed. If you would like me to assist you with the decluttering that cost is $65 per hour. Travel time is additional.                                           


If you need assistance decorating your space and you are outside of the Chicagoland area, then a virtual consultation is the perfect fit for you. We'll chat over the phone and then I'll ask you to send me pictures along with some of your design inspiration. I'll provide you a with a mood board that includes a room layout full of color, furniture and accessories along with links to those items to purchase. Since I like to incorporate vintage finds and personal momentos, your space will be uniquely yours. 

Cost per room is $375. 


I am located in Chicago and I am able to come to your home anywhere in the Chicagoland area. If outside of Chicago, then additional travel costs may be incurred. You have me at your disposal for three hours and I can assist you with many things such as: rearranging furniture, hanging art (I'm really good at a gallery wall), or styling your space. You can also combine an in-home consultation with the creation of a mood board that would give you the plan you need to do it yourself. 

Cost per room is $250 plus travel time


Let's sit down and chat about your design needs and your budget. I may ask you to fill out some paperwork and play on pinterest to figure out your style. Based on that information I'll draft a design plan and we will sit down again to review and revise. Once we have a plan in place I will source furniture and accessories and send them your way to purchase. With everything in hand I will come back to your space and put the room together. 

Cost per room is $650 plus travel time. 


You may not need all the bells and whistles, but simply need help getting started or with color selection. Then check out the À LA CARTE options to see if they suit your needs. 


If one of these packages does not fit you exactly, no problem, I can create a custom package. I want this process to be transparent and as easy as possible for you. I can also sit down and look at your wants and requirements to help you set said budget. My goal is to give you a space that makes you feel happy and healthy. 

Even if you aren't sure where to begin I can help. Fill out this form today for an initial complementary fifteen minute consultation to discuss your design needs. 

I am so grateful that Kandy helped me rearrange my living room. I really appreciated that Kandy understood that I wasn’t looking to spend money or make this into a huge project and her fresh ideas accomplished exactly what I wanted. She gave my space a completely different look by rearranging my furniture and knickknacks in such a way that made my space more functional. The seating is now more conducive to conversation, the proper pieces are the focal point in the room and it creates new angles that add interest to an otherwise square room. I’ve lived in my place for 11 years and never thought to arrange my furniture in this way! While this was a small project and I’m planning to have Kandy help me revamp my bedroom linens and artwork. I’ve also recommended Kandy to my friends for their interior design projects both large and small.
— Kristin