Holy Cow

I thought I had posted a before picture of my small room in the basement (no it's not a dungeon!) and then I found the picture below and my jaw dropped. 

No wonder why I avoided that room. It was crazy!! 

Now everything is in it's place and there is empty space on the shelves and in some of the small bins (which are semi-transparent). 

One thing I would recommend when you have a storage space is to not put everything in big storage bins. I had no idea what was actually in the room and the towering bins made it impossible to find anything. 

Every day I just cleared something out of this room. A lot of things went to charity or to be sold. I started in one corner and just worked my way around the room because when I looked at it as a whole I was paralyzed with indecision. 

I hope this inspires you to venture into the spaces you have forgotten and clear them out!

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Comfy, Fashionable, Utilitarian (CFU)

This idea came to me as I was writing a blog post about fabric and my memories and thoughts about it.  I was remembering my endless trips to fabric shops with my mom in Puerto Rico and realized that I actually remember which were my top three favourite types of fabric... comfy flannel, fashionable linen, and utilitarian canvas.  

At that time, before I was a teenager, I had already made fabric associations which now I see as key aspects of life.  The comfy flannel was for pjs, there was no other purpose in my mind for that fabric.  Linen was for dress up clothes... specially for blouses and shirts, and the canvas was to make the hammocks that we took with us on camping trips.  Simple!  

I am beginning to believe more and more that the perfect outfit (perfect for me) should cover those three categories.

1.  Comfy - Let's face it, unless you have your own driver and/or plan on not moving much, what you wear needs to be comfortable.  I am not saying that it has to be flannel pjs, I am just saying that if you are not comfortable wearing the clothes, it is going to show in a bad way.

2.  Fashionable - Oh yeah, fashion!  There are many articles and blogs out there about finding your style.  Which ever it is, make it yours and make a statement.  I think that a great way to making that statement is by upcycling.  Getting your clothes to fit well is pretty much half the battle and unless you have your own tailor/seamstress, chances are that what you have in your closet could use some attention.

3.  Utilitarian - Let me just give you an example...  an awesome and colourful wool scarf is comfortable, fashionable AND utilitarian.  When it comes to clothes, if the whole piece is not what you would consider utilitarian, parts of it may be.  Example, most women jackets do not have inside pockets... I say "boo!" to that trend.  A small inside pocket can keep your license, a credit card and a dollar bill or two with out making too much bulk.  Utilitarian does not have to mean that you are dressing to paint a house.  To me it just means that there is a purpose and thought to your clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.

Share with us how does your outfit complies with the "CFU" scheme!


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