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It's Time for a Spring Clean Up!

Photo by  Jennifer Burk  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

I left the house without a coat today and I felt naked! Spring is one of my favorite times of year (right behind Fall) because we have birds chirping again, flowers springing and the smell of a fresh mown lawn. I like Spring as well because it is a time of rebirth and renewal. So, grab some of that spring energy and bring it into your home. I'm diving into this even deeper on the podcast. If you are on iTunes take a listen and make sure you subscribe to receive new podcasts when they go live.

One part of Spring is definitely spring cleaning! Except, I'm going to scale it back a bit. I think spring cleaning is so overwhelming because they idea of cleaning out the whole house and tackling all the dust bunnies is just too much. Instead what I suggest is you pick a room to focus on. One that maybe has been neglected. I recently went through and thoroughly cleaned my kitchen. It took a little bit longer then I thought, but that was because I tackled it in 20 minute increments. I don't have a day to devote to cleaning the kitchen and so I broke it down to small tasks over time. Now the kitchen is clean and it has been styled. I enjoy spending time in there and cooking. One of the biggest changes I made was to take down the heavy curtain and hang a sheer curtain to let in the light. I did end up putting up some glazed plastic because there is a lot of neighbor traffic and I wanted some privacy. But now there is so much more light! 

That leads me to my next bit of spring cleaning. Swap out some of your heavier decor items for something brighter and lighter. It doesn't have to be throughout the whole house, but pick a room and lighten it up for spring. Swap out one of your living room pillows for a bright geometric or floral pattern. You don't have to go crazy and redo the whole room, but give it a refresh. It may make you fall in love with your home again. 


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Kitchen Home Improvement: Figuring out what I need/want

Pinterest board of images for kitchen remodel and kitchen decor

I freely admit that I have fallen behind! I have half of my kitchen cabinets cleaned out and decluttered and I need to do the other half. Here's a little background information on what I'm doing. 

In order to continue to avoid cleaning I'm going to day dream about things I want in my kitchen. I'd love to have a tray right next to the stove with a nice salt and pepper grinder and oil canister. I really need some new lighting in the kitchen, but I also know that the ceiling was painted around the existing fixture so I need to make sure whatever I pick hides that. I'm also on a super tight budget! 

For today, I'm going to keep cleaning and focus on my to do list. 

  • Clean out and declutter all of the cabinets 
  • Hang window film in window
  • Get plants (I'm making a few hanging plant holders in my pottery class). I'll need to figure out what plants will work in little light. 
  • Get new kitchen stoppers (mine are broken)
  • Get a garbage can and recycling bin combo that fit in the space. My garbage can is too big for the kitchen. I can't open the pantry door without moving it and I have to have a brown paper bag for all the recycling items. I'd like to find something smaller that fits the space and can hold both recycling and garbage. 
  • Maybe paint....
  • Get better under the cabinet lights for over the sink. 
  • Look at lighting options (this may be outside of my budget but I'd like to see if I could get more light in this room). 
  • Get a soap dispenser for the dish soap 
  • Style the counters with useful and pretty items
  • Add art to the kitchen


  • Hem Curtains

Hmmm. I need to get going on that list. 

I'll check in next week. 

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Dream Kitchen For #myhomechallenge

Brady's Kitchen Image via  Emily Henderson

Brady's Kitchen Image via Emily Henderson

For the next four weeks I will be redesigning my kitchen. I'm working on cleaning it up, fixing the things that are broken and adding some style. 

Here's more about the #myhomechallenge and here's my kitchen in its current state (shudder). 

There are two tasks for this week. 

Daydream. I want you to wander around the internet and search to your hearts delight for dream kitchens. Feel free to pull other images that appeal to you because maybe it's a color from a bedroom or a chandelier from a living room that calls to you. I recommend using Pinterest, Houzz or going old school and pulling images from magazines. Heck, you can even do both. There are going to be things about your kitchen that you can't change but there are going to be things that you can make prettier or even hide. So dream big! You'll start to see certain elements will keep popping up through this exercise. Those are the things you want to keep an eye out for. 

Make a List. Go through your kitchen and make a list of all the things that need to be fixed. 

That's it! Make sure you follow along on Instagram and make sure you tag #myhomechallenge so I can see what you are up to! 



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