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How to Add Some Whimsy to a Bedroom

Sometimes a Little Whimsy is all You Need

I've found that over the years of designing my own home and others, that every room needs a touch of something just a little quirky, whimsical or strange. It is a big part of why I choose crocodile print wallpaper for my dining room. Each room needs something delightful. 

A great place to play is in the bedroom. Create a space that reflects you and your interests. If star beams and moons are your thing, then go with it. I love how the bedroom above looks somewhat formal, but by draping it with gold stars it becomes a playful space. 

You don't have to go all out and paint the ceiling with constellations or put up glow in the dark stars (if that is your thing, then I encourage you to do so!), but you can add a few elements. 

This beautiful print from The Honey Bee Paperie would look lovely and what it says is perfect! 

I love You more than all the stars watercolor painting

Or this print from Printastic Studio. I have one very similar in my bedroom. I wanted to embrace my exploration of my witchy side and I wanted to be more aware of the moons changes. 

watercolor moon painting

You could also add a mural or some wallpaper that have the moon or some stars as a focal point behind the bed. 

Via muralwallpapers.com

Via muralwallpapers.com

Finally the easiest way to add some magic to the bedroom is to add twinkle lights. 

twinkle lights bedroom.jpg

Image via Pop Sugar

If your bedroom is feeling a little flat these days then add some stars and moons. 

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