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From top left: 1)  chair  2)  couch  3)  sconce  4)  lamp  5)  stool  6)  rug  7) rocking chair (craigslist) 8)  kilim pillow  9)  cream pillow  

From top left: 1) chair 2) couch 3) sconce 4) lamp 5) stool 6) rug 7) rocking chair (craigslist) 8) kilim pillow 9) cream pillow 

I am working with a delightful client on giving her living room a makeover. She has traveled extensively and brought back some wonderful art and treasures from her travels. Her aesthetic is a bit traditional and so we are bringing in some of those elements through the furnishings. 

She lives in a very typical Chicago apartment that has multiple doors opening off the room, which always makes furniture placement...challenging. I am changing her current layout, but until we get the furniture in the room and test it out I am not sure it will work. On paper it looks good but sometimes what you draw out doesn't work in real life! 

I'll be instagramming the process if you are interested in following along. 

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Going to the dark side

I need to repaint my office. Let me rephrase that- I've needed to repaint my office for almost a year now. I even have a can of paint just sitting there waiting to be used. It is white with a tint of grey. 

My office is painted this horrendous shade of beige with way too much yellow in it. In fact my whole house is this horrid shade of beige. The room also gets no natural light. I've decided to embrace the darkness and make the room cozy instead of bleh. 

I've decided that I will willingly paint the room back to beige but I can't live with it like this anymore. Plus there are holes from the previous tenant that were never patched and I added even more holes to the wall. 

The function of this room is shifting. It is going to be a combo office, guest bedroom, and tv watching room. I decided to be bold and I'm going to paint the space dark grey almost black. 

I turned to the interwebs for further inspiration/confirmation of my insane idea. There is a Benjamin Moore paint store around the corner from my house so that's where I am heading to get my paint. Therefore I focused my search on Benjamin Moore. 

Whale Grey via  Remodelista

Whale Grey via Remodelista

Caviar via  Ramsey Interiors

Caviar via Ramsey Interiors

Soot via  Design*Sponge

Soot via Design*Sponge

Deep Space via  Design*Sponge

Deep Space via Design*Sponge

Graphite via  Life In Grace

Graphite via Life In Grace

Gravel Grey via s fgirlbybay

Gravel Grey via sfgirlbybay

I kind of want them all, but I need to narrow it down. I've gone to the paint store to get samples so I'll keep you posted. 

Have you painted a room dark? 


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Geeky, quirky and fun bedroom design

This was one of the funnest designs I have put together to date. Their room was pretty standard apartment rental fare, except it also had drapes from the '90s. Thankfully they agreed those could go!  My marching orders were no warm colors, something with constellations and I knew they both loved cats. 

What I came up with played off of the need for cool colors and the existing wall in their living room, which was a really awesome shade of turquoise. I wanted to bring in the stars without sticking glow in the dark stickers to the ceiling and I knew it needed a touch of whimsy. 

I turned to Spoonflower and found this amazing animal print (with cats) constellation design to use in order to upholster a headboard. I also found this cool Pegasus fabric but it was vetoed by Annette. Ian didn't seem to mind it! 

The plan was to use the constellation fabric on the headboard. Bring in a teal duvet cover and some DIY brass bedside sconces via Hello Lidy. They both prefer pretty clean minimal design and so I found a DIY to make floating shelves.  

The art flanking the bed was to bring in the night sky. The first print on the top left has beautiful colors in it as well and the second is a really neat embroidered constellation. 

The wall at the foot of their bed was crying out for some art and so I found another constellation print that also brought in some of those cool tones. 

Some paper constellation lights add a bit of warmth and light to the room. Since there was so much color happening in the space, I wanted the curtains to be relatively neutral. 

Every room needs some life in the form of plants. It was important to keep in mind the health and well being of their two cats and so I recommended some succulents. The ASPCA has a really comprehensive list of plants that are toxic and non-toxic to pets. 

Annette and Ian needed some Interior Design help, but they are both pretty handy and crafty people so I created a mood board with a list of resources and they are implementing the design themselves. This is a great way to get the inspiration and assistance on a budget. 

It was so much fun working with two people who were interested in creating a lovely bedroom space that reflected their style. 

For more inspiration and links to the DIYs I suggested head over to view the board I created over on Pinterest

If you are interested in finishing up your space let me know and I would love to help. 


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Onward to the Dining Room

Now that I have the living room finished, well except for maybe reupholstering the couch and painting, it is time to turn my attention to the dining room

Here's what works in the dining room-

  • I have a table that seats eight (yes I do have people over for dinner). 
  • The room gets a lot of natural light
  • I have a fireplace
  • There is awesome art
  • My favorite chair is tucked in the corner
  • It is filled with personal mementos
  • I have a mini 'landing' zone

Here is what is not working in the dining room-

  • It is cluttered and over run by fabric
  • The lighting is horrid
  • The fireplace does not work
  • There is no cohesive color scheme
  • The chairs are broken
  • The rug is too small and one end is unraveling (When I bought the table and rug the table was in a small kitchen and for daily use the leaves were lowered and the table oriented differently on the rug).
  • It's beige (imagine this said with dripping disdain)

This room functions well as both a dining room, entertaining space, and craft space, but it needs a little help. Here is the plan:

  • Declutter
  • Deep Clean
  • Fix the chairs
  • Hang a chandelier (I have a chandelier that a friend's parents gave me)
  • Loop the cords for the hanging pendants
  • Paint the chairs (now they will be one color)
  • Get a new rug (I'm looking at FLOR carpet tiles)
  • Get a fireplace insert 

Hopefully this room won't take me as long as the last one. Stay tuned. 

If you are interested in taking on a room in your house yourself then I highly recommend that you come to Interior Design 101. You'll learn basic interior design, styling tips and tricks and get feedback on your space. 

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