Mighty life list update


I no longer make New Year's Resolutions because I feel they are too easy to abandon. I do plan on sitting down for a day over a cup of coffee (who am I kidding- a glass of wine) and developing some short term achievable goals for the business.

For myself though I update my Mighty Life List. I'm happy to be crossing some things off, but there are a couple of items that I am changing because my path in life has changed. 

One thing I am adding to the list is to be more fearless. I let my own self-doubt and insecurities keep me from charging forward when new opportunities present themselves. I need to trust in my skills and expertise. 

Find a vintage building and restore it.
Open a vintage shop with a design studio. Previously was- Open a Craft Coworking space in Chicago to teach classes, host events and have studio space.
Design the shop and studio space.Previously was-Design the quiet zone in the craft coworking space.
Spend a month traveling throughout France collecting textiles, craft knowledge and speaking French.
Visit Finland so I can visit Marimekko and some of the other fabulous places with textile.
Speak in public about something I love.
Teach a craft class in the UK.
This is another one I am letting go of. Draft a line of my own patterns.
Write a book.
Be a guest contributor on a blog.
Finish a quilt.
Take a vacation to a place where I can incorporate bike riding.
Be a guest lecturer at a university.
Finally get my tattoo.
This one is not going to happen-Release a seasonal clothing line.
Create a line of home accessories.
Create a fabric line.
Sing at the Park West.
Take a horseback ride in Hyde Park.
Have a booth at Renegade.
I am abandoning this one!! Finish reading Moby Dick.
Go to Angola and Morrocco to learn new craft techniques.
Get a proper mint tea tea set.
Return to Iraq to visit friends.
Only say yes to something if the response is Hell Yes.
Create space to do the things on my life list.
Clear out my closet and replace it with things I love
Buy only what I love and what will last.
For every thing that comes into my space, something must go.
Take a cooking class.
Cook once a week. Just cook something.
Go for a motorcycle ride.
Write a poem
Send someone a letter
Make a little something and give it away
Leave an ATM (Always Trust magic)note
Fly a kite
Do yoga (this is another just do it!)
Make it to the Etsy front page.
Write a business plan.
Help others with their life lists or connect them to someone who can help.
Be featured on a design blog.
Be more patient/kind
Swim in as many seas as possible
Find out where my family was from in Poland and visit their town.
Bake Macarons
Get myself a kitchen aid mixer
Learn how to use Twitter (edited to add-I am getting better at it...)
Take a ballet class
Give back through Meandering Design
Ride a scooter in Italy.
Be a guest on Ted
Scan and organize the family photos
Carry my camera more
Be an active feminist.
Play soccer
Get a 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup truck and paint it turquoise.
Have a dinner party and serve Iraqi dolma (with the caramelized onions on the bottom-mmmm)
Spend a week doing absolutely nothing at Canary Island.
Take a train ride through the slavic countries.
Reupholster my favorite chair in vintage grey tweed.
Have another girls weekend
Drink more champagne
Visit my nieces and nephews
Find art for over the fireplace
Crochet more in public
Feel less self-conscious
Have a rainy day fund
Learn how to develop film
Go on a creative retreat
Have people over more often
Live a life that allows for constant travel
Go to Scotland
Fall in love again
Get all of my sewing machines working
Have a sewing class for men
Get the contact information for at least one person for each event I attend
Reach out to people that I admire
Use my Liberty of London fabric.
Organize my fabric and sewing notions
Go to New Orleans
Make ice cream again
Try to eat seasonally
Finish the Prezi presentation I started
Make all the electronics in my house work properly
Create printed materials for Meandering Design
Get a loom
Make a rug
Dye my own wool/fabric
Take a sewing class
Take a drawing class
Refinish Poppies workbench
Give away the crafty things I will not use to someone who can use them
As much as possible, buy handmade
Rewatch Amelie
Make a hat
Sew curtains for the kitchen
Always have something on hand for visitors (snack and drink)
Slow down and enjoy my food
Leave town at least every 3 months.
Be fearless

What's on your Mighty Life List? 

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