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March Madness Mood Board

Tobias Tovera via  Anthology Magazine

Tobias Tovera via Anthology Magazine

I am stepping outside of my comfort zone with all of this color and I love it. Winter whites will always be my favorite and I'm pretty sure grey is actually a color, but mixing in some blue green definitely cheers a person up. 

I was inspired by one beautiful day we had in Chicago where I could look out the window and see the blue/green lake and the blue blue sky. A harbinger of days to come and today it is snowing. 

Image via   David Collins

Image via David Collins

Some people find picking color challenging, which I can understand, but it is such a great opportunity to bring life into a space. I like to play with color and the easiest way I have found to do that is by using the color wheel. This month's color scheme is inspired by Analogous colors, which simply means colors next to each other on the color wheel. 

David Kidd  color wheel

David Kidd color wheel

If I start with my color du jour, which is green-blue, and I look at the next color on the color wheel I can safely bring in the colors blue, purple-blue, blue-purple, purple and all the way to red-purple. You can see that happening in the photo above. There is a bit of green-blue, light blue, navy blue and then purple in that brilliant piece of art. Since the colors are all next to each other on the color wheel it is harmonious. I usually recommend that people bring in 3 colors, but you can just as easily go up to six and it will work. 

Another green-blue option is to head the other way on the color wheel and pull in some green. As you can see in the photo below the blue-green grounds the space and then bringing in yellow-green and green-yellow gives the room some liveliness. 

Image via  pamelawhatever

Image via pamelawhatever

Layering the blues and greens and saturating the room with color makes it feel so very rich. While this room may not be everyone's cup of tea it is a great example of how to use an analogous color scheme. This may be too much color for you, but take away the blue walls and maybe that could work in your space. 

Image via  House to Home

Image via House to Home

The image below runs from purple through blue to green and all the shades in between. Even though they are such different colors, that is the magic of the color wheel, when they are analogous they belong together. 

Image via

Image via

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