How to get that cozy feeling in your home

Image via  french by design

I taught a fabulous group of ladies for my Interior Design 101 class last night (still some spaces available in March!) and I've noticed that the first thing people focus on is color, followed by furniture placement and then usually art. What often gets little to no attention is texture and the role that it plays in interiors. 

When I revamped my living room I did three things:  I got a plant, I styled the coffee table and then I focused on bringing in different textures. 

Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen

Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen

One of the easiest way to bring some cozy texture into your home is through rugs. It also serves to add color to a space. As you can see in the photo above my home is relatively neutral, but there is a lot of color in the rug. Plus it is woven in a very different manner and has a ribbed feeling to it.

Even something like a sisal or jute rug that is relatively neutral can still make an impact. As you can see the room below has a neutral base, yet the sisal rug makes it feel warm and inviting. 

Image via  Orlando Soria  

Image via Orlando Soria 

Poufs, ottomans and pillows are another opportunity to up the coziness factor. Ottomans and poufs are great to add additional seating when needed (I have an ottoman tucked away for extra guests). 

Image via  Design Sponge 

Image via Design Sponge 

They type of fabric you choose for your furniture helps add another layer of texture to the room. Leather, velvet, tweeds and linen are great options to make a space feel warm and inviting.

Don't forget the walls! As you can see from the images below adding texture, pattern or dark colors to the wall definitely has an impact on how the room feels. 

I'm a very tactile person. I sometimes brush the wall as I walk by or if someone is wearing something that is velvet or nubby I can't stop myself from reaching out and touching it (sorry strangers!). Having a fluffy pillow on the couch and a soft rug under foot satisfies my tactile nature. Plus it looks pretty darn good! 

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