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Take the #myhomechallenge to Refresh and Revitalize Your Home

Image via  One Kings Lane

Image via One Kings Lane

One Month to Refresh Your Kitchen

I'm proposing is a month long challenge to refresh your space. We'll design, clean, organize and make it look fantastic. All you need to do is follow along, well, and get the work done! I'm combining all of my favorite things-minimalism, spring cleaning and interior design. I'll walk you through how to create a design plan, tips and tricks to decluttering and organizing, styling your space and maybe we'll even do some cooking along the way. I've left plenty of time for cleaning, as you can see in the outline below. 

  • Week One-The Design Plan

Grab some magazines, Houzz or Pinterest and dive into your inspiration. I often pin elements of something that I like even if the whole kitchen won't work for me. Draft your plan. Make a list of all the things that need to get done. 

  • Week Two-Clear it All Out

When's the last time you cleaned out your cupboards? Are you able to to pull out a pot or pan without the whole pile tumbling to the ground? Do you know what is in your junk drawer? Well, it's time to clean it out. We'll go through all of our cabinets and clean and rearrange. 

  • Week Three- Organize and Start Putting it Together

Week two and three will overlap a little. I tend to organize as I go, but some people like to pull it all out and then organize later. This is the week you'll also make any repairs that you may have added to your list. 

  • Week Four-Finish It! 

in my mind I hear the voice from Mortal Kombat going FINISH HIM!

This is the final stretch and I know you can do it. 

Want to join me on this journey? Then follow Meandering Design on Instagram and keep an eye out for the  #myhousechallenge tag. I'll be posting each Monday morning with instructions, but there will be more details on instagram. 

We will be starting on January 29th, which I realize is an odd date, but I didn't want to start January 1st because everyone was working on their New Year's resolutions (how are those going for you?).  Let's do this thing. 

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The 2018 Interior Design To Do List

photo collage of framed artwork in dining room

Or, what needs to be done in my home

Last year I revealed my interior design to do list. Man, was it long! Let's see what I managed to get done.  I started this list because I kept feeling overwhelmed and scattered. I admit that once I did the brain dump it felt like I started moving forward on things.


  • Standing light for by the chair and lamp for workbench.
  • DONE! New Curtain Rods (mine actually broke)
  • DONE! I went with different curtains though. Sheer Curtains to layer under curtains (I tend to leave the curtains open and it would be nice to have some privacy)
  • DONE! Art- I moved most of the art to my office and bedroom
  • Refinish dining table- I got it on Craigslist and it just needs to be sanded down a bit and re-stained.
  • Style the workbench- It's this huge expanse of empty space. I don't want it to be cluttered, but it definitely needs some fun stuff.
  • Sell and replace dining room chairs-I have a pair of Philippe Starck La Marie chairs in Orange, but want white. I'd like to replace them with something that has a similar low profile to the Bertoia wire chairs I have. 


    • DONE! Paint Hallway
    • softer more comfortable chairs
    • DONE! Except, now I want new curtains! New curtain rod
    • hang plants
    • change up the coffee table? (I've had the same coffee table for over ten years and I like it but it may be time for something new...maybe)


    • Clean and organize 
    • Paint it teal
    • Clean out and put more shelves in the pantry closet (I'm scared to open the door!)
    • Get a new soap dispenser
    • Style the counter tops
    • Hang film on windows (this room gets almost no light and I'd like to top part to be open, but my neighbors can see in when they walk down the back stairs)
    • Small lights for over sink
    • Rewire small lamp


    • Clean and declutter
    • DONE! Rug
    • Plant
    • DONE! Another piece of art
    • Added: Hang driftwood jewelry storage piece


    • Make a slipcover for the chaise 
    • sew pillow cover

    What's on your list? 

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