Going to the dark side

I need to repaint my office. Let me rephrase that- I've needed to repaint my office for almost a year now. I even have a can of paint just sitting there waiting to be used. It is white with a tint of grey. 

My office is painted this horrendous shade of beige with way too much yellow in it. In fact my whole house is this horrid shade of beige. The room also gets no natural light. I've decided to embrace the darkness and make the room cozy instead of bleh. 

I've decided that I will willingly paint the room back to beige but I can't live with it like this anymore. Plus there are holes from the previous tenant that were never patched and I added even more holes to the wall. 

The function of this room is shifting. It is going to be a combo office, guest bedroom, and tv watching room. I decided to be bold and I'm going to paint the space dark grey almost black. 

I turned to the interwebs for further inspiration/confirmation of my insane idea. There is a Benjamin Moore paint store around the corner from my house so that's where I am heading to get my paint. Therefore I focused my search on Benjamin Moore. 

Whale Grey via  Remodelista

Whale Grey via Remodelista

Caviar via  Ramsey Interiors

Caviar via Ramsey Interiors

Soot via  Design*Sponge

Soot via Design*Sponge

Deep Space via  Design*Sponge

Deep Space via Design*Sponge

Graphite via  Life In Grace

Graphite via Life In Grace

Gravel Grey via s fgirlbybay

Gravel Grey via sfgirlbybay

I kind of want them all, but I need to narrow it down. I've gone to the paint store to get samples so I'll keep you posted. 

Have you painted a room dark? 


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