going dark

Crazy or Perfect

When I decided to paint my office dark I was thinking that I was either daft or brilliant. Once that first coat of paint went up on the wall though I was smitten. It made the room feel so much larger and not quite so dingy. I painted the top 1/4 a pink hue (not my normal color choice, but it works so well in this space) and I left it feeling a bit unfinished on purpose. 

I kept popping my head into the room just because. 

I rent so I know I'm going to have to paint it back, but I reached a point where I was actively avoiding that room and it was a dumping ground. I wanted to make it into a positive creative space that I would use. 

Now it is a space where I curl up in the chair and day dream in, or open the windows on a summer night and listen to the Mumford and Sons concert. It is filled with inspirational art, including pictures I took on my travels. 

The desk is no longer piled with stuff and so it is functional. I want to be in here working, which completely changes my productivity and how I view the administrative work I need to do for the business. 

These are just a couple of glimpses because a friend is going to come and photograph the space. It's tight and really dark so it is a bit challenging for me to do!

If you have been thinking about making some bold changes I highly recommend you do it. If you need some help through the process then definitely drop me a line


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