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When to Hire an Interior Designer

DIY Photo Wall  via

DIY Photo Wall via

Interior Design is about so much more than making a house pretty, although that's the fun part! It's about creating a space that tells your story, helps you live your passion and transforms your life. That seems like a lot to expect from an interior designer, but it is what I firmly believe interior design can do for my clients. 

  • All of us have a story to tell. In my home I have furniture and serving platters from my grandparents, I have pictures of places I've visited (often with friends) and I surround myself with vintage furniture that tells its own story. Some people love to have pictures of their family, while some people collect items that make them happy. Whatever it is we all have a story to tell. Those pictures, mementos and collections are what bring heart into a home. 
  • Your home should give you the space to live your passion. That can come through in many different ways. Maybe you decide to downsize because your passion is being able to travel and you'd rather save rent and spend money on experiences. You may want to start your own business and need to create a space that is just your own away from the daily chaos of family life. Or, you may be like me and you love to entertain. You need space for a big table that everyone can sit around telling stories and room for your dishes and serving pieces. Think about what you want out of life and how you can make your home serve those needs, wants and desires. 
  • You may be in transition and need some help. Some people go through loss, illness or bouts of depression and their home becomes a dumping ground of old things which hold all those old emotions. I've worked with people to help them let go of the things that are holding them back and to create a beautiful and well-functioning space that lets them live their best life. I've experienced this myself many times, especially since I struggle with depression. Investing in making my home feel like a safe haven is one of the ways I invest in my emotional health and well-being. I've also been clearing away clutter such as old letters, cards and postcards and I have found myself reaching out to the people in my life more and spending time with them. I don't feel as weighed down by the past and I want to fully engage and live in the present. Plus I have had some incredible and amazing new people come into my life. 

If you feel like your home does not reflect who you and your family are, does not provide you with the space to live out your dreams, or is holding you back then hire an interior designer to help you transform your domain. 

I've helped many people create a home that is functional and beautiful. I'd love to help you do the same.

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