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Kitchen Home Improvement: Figuring out what I need/want

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I freely admit that I have fallen behind! I have half of my kitchen cabinets cleaned out and decluttered and I need to do the other half. Here's a little background information on what I'm doing. 

In order to continue to avoid cleaning I'm going to day dream about things I want in my kitchen. I'd love to have a tray right next to the stove with a nice salt and pepper grinder and oil canister. I really need some new lighting in the kitchen, but I also know that the ceiling was painted around the existing fixture so I need to make sure whatever I pick hides that. I'm also on a super tight budget! 

For today, I'm going to keep cleaning and focus on my to do list. 

  • Clean out and declutter all of the cabinets 
  • Hang window film in window
  • Get plants (I'm making a few hanging plant holders in my pottery class). I'll need to figure out what plants will work in little light. 
  • Get new kitchen stoppers (mine are broken)
  • Get a garbage can and recycling bin combo that fit in the space. My garbage can is too big for the kitchen. I can't open the pantry door without moving it and I have to have a brown paper bag for all the recycling items. I'd like to find something smaller that fits the space and can hold both recycling and garbage. 
  • Maybe paint....
  • Get better under the cabinet lights for over the sink. 
  • Look at lighting options (this may be outside of my budget but I'd like to see if I could get more light in this room). 
  • Get a soap dispenser for the dish soap 
  • Style the counters with useful and pretty items
  • Add art to the kitchen


  • Hem Curtains

Hmmm. I need to get going on that list. 

I'll check in next week. 

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My Kitchen Before for the #myhomechallenge

Image via Emily Henderson

Image via Emily Henderson

You guys I have dreams! Dreams of a kitchen that doesn't feel so dark, dreary and soulless. One that you walk into and are inspired to cook. Sadly, that is not the kitchen I have today. 

I'm about to share pictures of my sad kitchen on the internet. It feels a bit like standing in front of an open window in my underwear. 

Starting with looking in from the dining room into the kitchen. Do you see the color difference?! My dining room is a lovely light shade of grey and my kitchen has horrific dark lighting and is painted yellow. 

Check out last week's blog post to read more about the #myhomechallenge

Kitchen Decor with woven rugs and curtain
Stovetop in Kitchen with red tea kettle 
Granite Countertops and pots and pans in kitchen
Red Espresso machine for kitchen decor
Refrigerator in kitchen decor 


  • The layout is super functional
  • I have enough space for everything
  • I love my gas stove
  • I have nice cabinets, counters and appliances
  • It opens onto a nice size back porch
Kitchen design layout


  • There is no space really for guests to hang out with me in the kitchen
  • Certain things don't fit, like the rug or the garbage can. They are both too big
  • The lighting. Oh god the lighting!
  • The window opens onto the porch and the staircase to the second floor, which my neighbors use. That means they can see right in my apartment. 
  • It's kind of bland. The rest of my apartment has so much personality and this room is seriously lacking. 
  • I hate blinds. 
  • I also really hate granite countertops and that backsplash.

There are a lot of things I can't change about this kitchen because I rent. That means I am going to change what I can and inject some color and life into this bedraggled kitchen. I tried to take good pictures, but it is so dark in there that it is very difficult to do so! 

Stay tuned because next I'll share my Inspiration and Master Project List. 


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