cleaning house

Holy Cow

I thought I had posted a before picture of my small room in the basement (no it's not a dungeon!) and then I found the picture below and my jaw dropped. 

No wonder why I avoided that room. It was crazy!! 

Now everything is in it's place and there is empty space on the shelves and in some of the small bins (which are semi-transparent). 

One thing I would recommend when you have a storage space is to not put everything in big storage bins. I had no idea what was actually in the room and the towering bins made it impossible to find anything. 

Every day I just cleared something out of this room. A lot of things went to charity or to be sold. I started in one corner and just worked my way around the room because when I looked at it as a whole I was paralyzed with indecision. 

I hope this inspires you to venture into the spaces you have forgotten and clear them out!

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Keep on keeping on

This is my dirty little secret. A little room off of my bedroom that I shove stuff in and then forget about. When I started my purging journey my friend Dan asked me how this room was doing and I said "What room?" I completely forgot the room even existed. 

I managed to clean up my office, but with all of the stuff affiliated with my design and vintage business it kept getting messy. I love selling vintage but it requires boxes, packing materials and tape along with all the goods. I kept piling things on top of things but then I would sell something at the back of the closet and have to take everything out in order to get at it. 

I moved the big cabinet that was tucked in the left corner over to the window, which meant I had to clear out all of the tubs. Next, I'll move the clothing rack from upstairs in the office (which I have to swing out of the way every time I need to get into the closet) down here. I'm going to add some shelving to store boxes, shipping materials and vintage goodies. 

I made a lot of progress over the weekend. What you don't see is the sheer amount of chaos I created in the rest of the home. Most of the stuff in the tubs was clothes. I gained 65 pounds over 6 months a few of years back so I had about 3 different wardrobes tucked in here. I am accepting where I am at today and recognizing that holding on to all of those clothes was just causing me anxiety and not helping me get healthy so out they go. 

There are now piles of stuff in the office to be photographed and sold in the shop. I've got a couple of piles of books to give to people. Getting rid of my books has been the hardest part, but they've been sitting in boxes for years and I would rather know they were out and about in the world getting used. 

I got worn down by all the stuff partway through cleaning out this space and mentioned it when I posted this photo to Instagram. Someone sent me such a kind message encouraging me to keep going that it gave me the energy I needed to keep clearing stuff out. 

I'm getting there. There are still some piles that I haven't quite had the courage to go through. There are a couple of sewing machines tucked in here that I'm not sure what to do with. I need to get rid of the entertainment center that is in here, but I haven't had the energy to deal with taking pictures and trying to sell it. 

Slowly but surely I am getting there and it feels good. 

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