Feeling Boss


When a marketing firm from Chicago contacted me and said they wanted to offer me a GM vehicle with a full tank of gas to drive for the week I thought it was spam and I deleted the email. So, when they followed up the next week I was kind of surprised and decided to respond. 

What followed was the easiest possible transaction and a Chevy Tahoe showed up at my doorstep three days later. 

It was surprisingly easy to drive even though it was such a large vehicle. The car actually talked to you through vibration in the seats and notifications in the mirrors that helped me navigate Chicago traffic. Considering I was used to driving a zippy little Mazda it was very useful to have some assistance! 


I was really grateful for the Tahoe when I moved into my vintage booth at Beehive Chicago.  It would have taken at least 3 trips in my Mazda and I was able to pack everything into the Tahoe.


I also have to admit that driving around such a beast of a car, which we affectionately nicknamed Lady Beast was pretty empowering. I got a couple of double takes while driving the Tahoe. It made me feel boss, which is a really great feeling. 


I set myself the goal to drive the Tahoe for the whole week. I was able to drive it to work every day and around town. Parking at my house was easy, because there is usually quite a bit of parking available. I went out one night and I was nervous about parking so I took an uber instead. I think that I would love to have a car this big for the business, but for day to day driving in Chicago it is just too big.  


I returned the Tahoe and went back to my little Mazda. I seriously missed those heated seats but I have to admit that being able to squeeze myself into almost any parking lot is a big plus in favor of my little car.  


Thank you GM and Chevy for the loan of such a fabulous car. It was an experience.  


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