Thoughts on Making

Sometimes I get this itch and I feel antsy. I'm not very good at just sitting and watching tv, because I always feel like I need to be doing something. Except, when I'm depressed it is way too easy to ignore that itchy feeling. Yet, crafting is part of my therapy. 

Since I've started feeling better I've pulled out the sewing machine. The pillow above had been on my 'to do' list for months. It felt so good to finish it and see it in my living room. 

I guess one benefit to being a fabric hoarder is I always have something to choose from. I don't usually buy fabric for a specific project, instead I buy fabric and add it to the pile. Then I'll pick it up and let the fabric determine what it wants to be made into. Yesterday I pulled out a mustard yellow light wool and cut the pattern to make it into a skirt. 

Making for me is meditative. I lose myself in the design process. I am a very tactile person and fabric awakens my senses. That slight glow of accomplishment when the finished product sits ready to be used reminds me why I'm a maker. 

What do you make? 

Originally published 11/3/14

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