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Let's Talk About Sex

Oh yeah! I'm going there. I firmly believe that our environment impacts our life.

What do you think your bedroom says about your sex life? Are there clothes on the floor, dust bunnies under the bed and a closet stuffed with, well, stuff? Now if this is an infrequent thing, I totally get it, but if this is your constant state, it may be impacting your love life. 

I have experienced what a chaotic bedroom brings into my life and what a designed peaceful sanctuary has invited into my life, which is why I'm writing this blog post. It may be time to think about the interior design of your bedroom. 

Image via  Domaine

Image via Domaine

  • The first step whether you are married or single is to think about how you want your bedroom to feel and what activities will be happening in the room. I recommend that your bedroom be used for sex, sleeping and maybe some reading. You'll notice that television watching is not a part of this. Some people love piling into bed and watching TV, if that's you great, but if you find the television is interfering with some other more important bedroom activities then please banish it. 
  • The other thing I recommend banishing from the bedroom are cell phones. I can hear you already shrieking, 'but I use my phone for my alarm'. There's this crazy invention that's been around for centuries called an alarm clock. Try it. I leave my phone outside of the bedroom because it has too many temptations and I fall down a black hole and then, oh look, it's way past my bedtime and I'm a cranky beyatch when I wake up the next morning. 
  • Lighting is super important. You want to have some mood lighting. Get some lamps or put that overhead light on a dimmer switch. On the flip side please feel free to have sex in the daylight 'cause you are freaking beautiful. 
  • Make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. It should feel like a place you can retreat to and shut the door and block out the insanity of the day. 

Those are the things I recommend if you are single or partnered. For all the single people please read on. 

  • I remember reading an interview with an old school hollywood actress and she mentioned that your bedroom should look good with your skin. Chances are you'll already be drawn to colors that look good on you (check your closet for some inspiration). I'm definitely a Fall color person. Does anyone else remember the season color books and how to's that swept the nation in the 90s. Or is it just me. So as an autumn I look good in burgundy, deep orange, mustard yellow and teals. If I were to put icy blue in my bedroom it's just not going to feel good to me and it will make me look pasty. 
  • You want to make space for someone to come into your life. If your closets are overflowing and there isn't a spare drawer, then where is someone going to leave their toothbrush when they spend the night. 
  • Have more then one or two pillows. You want someone to feel comfortable in your bed.
  • Speaking of the bed, keep it in the center of the room with a nightstand on each side so your guest doesn't have to crawl over you in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. 

When I moved into my apartment I was so focused on the living spaces that I neglected my bedroom and it had no style and it became a dumping ground. I started first with decluttering and then bringing in color, texture and art from my travels that held happy memories and was peaceful. At the time I was trying to date, which quite honestly is a special form of hell and I wasn't really meeting anyone. Once I cleaned out my closet and dresser and made some space, that was when someone special entered my life. Sadly, he didn't stay, but that might mean I need to clean out another room in my house ;)

You don't have to take all of this advice, but mull it over. There may be a couple of things you want to change up in your bedroom. And if you need a little bedroom therapy feel free to contact me. 


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How to Style a Retro Industrial Mantel

Here is what I've learned from styling- keep playing with it. As you can see from the GIF below it took a couple of tries before I got the right feel. 

I started with this diagram about design by Charles Eames. Once I got the pulley in  place (available in the shop) the other side just needed a little tweaking. 

I love the end result that is a mixture of industrial, modern and a bit twee. The pitcher with flowers helps add some height. The mid-century modern vase plays off nicely with the Eames print. The sweet deer (which unfortunately has already sold) makes the whole thing not seem too serious. 

To recap-

  • First start with something large and bold that will have an impact. 
  • Next start layering items that complement your centerpiece. In this styling I had a theme and all of the items fit within that theme. 
  • You will notice that there is a certain symmetry to this styling, but it isn't perfect. Our eye is drawn to symmetry, but I think when it is too equal then it starts too feel too formal and staid. 
  • Use books to add height to items
  • Add things to your mantel that you love and want to display
  • Play with it. It some times takes me days of moving stuff around to finally decide I'm done. 

If by any chance you missed the past stylings here is Romantic Traditional and Nostalgic, which is my favorite because it is what my mantel looks like day to day!

If something caught your eye, most of the items seen pictured, except for the Eames print, are available in the shop. Please buy it so I don't keep it and add it to the collection on my mantel! 

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