Setting a Budget and Finding My Style

Image via the  MakerPlace

Image via the MakerPlace

I did a whole house freshen up/finishing up recently to prepare for a photoshoot. I'll share those details when they are posted. I'm almost afraid to jinx it. I had the bones in place in my home, the furniture, rugs, some pieces of art, but I needed some finishing touches. Plus I needed to get through some of my to do list. Ironically I added some things to it and didn't get some of those things done! 

There are two things I need when I'm embarking on any interior design project, whether it is for myself or a client. One is the budget and the second is the style. I was doing the finishing touches in the kitchen, dining room (including a few new chairs) and the living room. I set aside $600. Most of the budget went to dining room chairs and art. The rest was accessories and paint. I already had the fabric for the curtains. I initially was going to slip cover the chaise in my office, but decided I liked the dark color. That left just enough fabric for curtains in the living room, although I did have to search through my stash for about 6 inches to finish off each curtain! 

The next was really honing in on my style. I've mentioned before that I struggle with wanting my home to be all white vs having a ton of color.  Color definitely won out. The reason is because I started looking through all of the things I had pinned to my home's board and the color combo of green and pink kept popping out. At one point I was thinking about repainting my office green, but then I realized that I could repaint the fireplace. It looks amazing. 

Since I was dealing with a few rooms I divided my pinterest board up into multiple sections. This was a lifesaver! It let me pin inspiration images and also hone in on things I wanted to purchase for my home. 

Pinterest Board of home decor ideas

While the living room was getting a bit of color, the base in the dining room was still white and natural woods. The art on the wall picked up some of the pink and blue/greens from the living room and carried them over. I wasn't quite ready to let go of that Scandi sytle, but now the two rooms definitely talk to each other. something I'll talk about more next week. 

Since my budget was tight I was really focused on the things that had high impact. The major one was painting the fireplace. It changed the whole look of the house. 

painted fireplace and sofa in living room

The next was bringing in some accessories and art. It just made my home feel much more finished. You'll have to wait for the pictures from the photographer to see those changes. 

If you are looking to design your space really hone in on what your budget is. Also, keep in mind sometimes having budget constraints forces you to get creative. It really made me take a second look at the fireplace and dig into my fabric to see if I could make some curtains. Then pin a bunch of things and then hone in on what your style is. You'll start to see that certain things keep coming up. 

If you are still stuck and aren't sure how to find your interior design style then take a look at my class Interior Design: Find Your Style. 

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