I have this thing for chairs

Image via  Rue Magazine

Image via Rue Magazine

I'm still in the process of finishing up my dining room. It's been slow going partly because, well, it's summer, and also because I'm on a pretty tight budget. That means when I want to purchase something it either has to be super cheap, or I have to save up to buy what I want. 

I'll admit, that sometimes I stumble across exactly what I want for the price that I want it, but it doesn't always work that way. Part of the reason I buy vintage is because I know that if I keep looking I'll usually find something for the right price. Sometimes though I like to mix things up and bring in more modern pieces. 

My dining room table is a Craigslist find and has a wonderful white oak top with white powder coated legs from CB2. The previous owner stained the wood white, which is exactly what I was looking for. Then I found a set of white Bertoia chairs from the 80s, also on Craigslist. They need to be repainted, but that costs as much as the chairs themselves, so I'm waiting to do that!

Bertoia was an artist and a sculpture. His chairs have a very sculptural quality to them. I also love that they have a low profile and that they don't block the flow when they are around a table.  

When I went to buy the table the gentleman had two La Marie chairs in orange in his storage locker (image at top is a La Marie chair in lime green). They are designed by Philippe Starck and are the precursor to his amazing Ghost chair. I also love that the chair is slightly see through and much like the Bertoia chair it doesn't block the flow. 

I love my La Marie chair, but I'm me and I change things up a lot, it is time to go in a different direction. I wouldn't say that buying the chairs was a mistake, but that I definitely did make an impulse buy. Even interior designer's fall pray to their desires instead of following the design plan.

Image via  Domino

Image via Domino

I have been crushing hard on this copper Real Good Chair from Blu Dot. I think I've pinned them more than once! I need to head over to Blu Dot and test them out. I know some people may not find the smudges on the copper appealing, but I think it makes the patina look amazing. Sigh. 

Image via  Vertigo Home

Image via Vertigo Home

The next chair I've been craving is the Lucy Side chair from Bend Goods, also in copper. It's definitely a nod to the Bertoia chair and i love the contemporary design. I keep coming back to copper because I want something that has some color to it, but I don't want to pick one color. 

Image via  My Domaine

Image via My Domaine

I am also completely head over heels in love with these vintage mid-century Beaubourg chairs that were originally designed for the Centre Pompidou in France by Michael Cadestin. I have to say that the whole dining room is perfection! I'll also take that black Serge Mouille light and the art too!

My final option, that is back in the realm of reality, is this super cool chair that is made right here in Chicago. I'd get the white one of course. Even though that green, which reminds me of the green that was used in 1930s kitchens, has definitely caught my eye. I like how it also has a very sculptural base, low profile and let's some air flow through. 

I've been thinking about chairs for awhile and I think I'm getting closer to picking a chair. Maybe... In the meantime, I'll be over here saving up my pennies for the chairs I want. I would rather wait and save up money and buy exactly what I want of high quality instead of buying a knock off. One reason is because I believe in good design and supporting designers. The other is because they really are better quality and quality beats price any day. 

Does anyone want to buy a pair of orange La Marie chairs? 


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