Creating a home to support my health


I posted a picture on Instagram the other day that showed the chaos that happens in my home sometimes. As much as I am a proponent of decluttering and minimalism-life happens. I do try to keep the clutter down because I have found that it seriously impacts my health. 

It kind of is one of those chicken or the egg things. Is it my depression that causes the clutter or the clutter that triggers my depression. Regardless I've learned that I have to keep surfaces clear and have a place for everything. Granted, everything doesn't always get put away. 

There are certain things that just aren't going to happen. I will never be the type of person that makes my bed in the morning. I'm sure it is a healthy behavior to feel like you've accomplished something each morning but I'd rather have that extra 3 minutes of sleep! I do try to keep my clothes picked up and put away. Operative word is try. 


Pick one thing you can do every day to try to keep the mess at bay. My one thing is the mail never touches a counter top until it has been sorted, which usually means that everything goes into the recycling bin! My friend makes sure she wipes down the bathroom and kitchen counter tops every day. 

What's your one thing? 

If you are feeling stuck and uninspired check out my class Design Your Path. It is chock full of activities to get you moving and some inspiration for your home. 

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