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Usually when we are designing our homes we are focused on things like furniture, color, styling, etc. But there are a few other things to consider to make your home, well, a home. 

The first is scent. I am usually drawn to woodsy scents. One of my favorites is Warm Embers by Kobo because it smells like a campfire. If you wear perfume or cologne find something similar to that and you should like the scent. 

Image via  Vienna Wedekend

Image via Vienna Wedekend

Sound is a huge part of our life. I listen to podcasts while cooking and music while working. I love the sound of record players. That low fi sound of the record is so warm. 

Image via  SFGirlbyBay

Image via SFGirlbyBay

For the high fi of us I love these gramophones for your iphone or ipad. Search gramophone on Etsy and you'll find people mixing old school gramophones with new tech. 

Image via  Gramovox

Image via Gramovox

Plants are awesome! They add a little life to your home and they also clean your air. I recommend going to a nursery and asking them for plant recommendations. Some plants have are very needy about light and water, but there are definitely some low maintenance plants. 

Image via The  Design Chaser

Image via The Design Chaser

I'm still learning about crystals but they definitely give some good vibes! Here's a great article about which crystals are best for which rooms. 

Image via  FreePeople

Image via FreePeople

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