How to hang art

I love art! I often pick up a little piece of art when I travel and add it to my collection. I've noticed though that people often hang their art too high. Thanks to Apartment Therapy I learned to hang my art 57" on center. I suggest reading the article for the how too. It's actually pretty easy. 

Image via  SFGirlByBay

Image via SFGirlByBay

When you hang art at 57" on center it makes the art accessible. It's a part of the room and at eye level. I've had people ask me what if they are taller, and quite honestly, unless you are a basketball player it is fine at that height!

Image via  Honestly WTF

Image via Honestly WTF

There is always this ongoing debate about the gallery wall and some people say it should never be done but honestly I love them. I think it is a great way to start a collection and add to it slowly. Plus, I can't afford a super large piece of art!

When I'm hanging a gallery wall I take paper grocery bags, flatten them out and tape them together. I lay the paper bags on the floor. Then I measure the part of the wall where I plan to hang the art and transfer those dimensions to my paper.  Next I lay out the art on the floor until I'm satisfied with the arrangement. Mark where the nail should be in order to hang each piece of art. Then hang the paper on the wall (making sure it is at 57" on center). Nail the nails, rip off the paper and voila!! The Apartment Therapy article even has a video that shows how to do this. 

Image via  HOM

Image via HOM

I also think that hanging a gallery wall around a television is a great way to help disguise it. 

Start buying art and if you are still unsure how to hang it feel free to give me a call. 

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