Where to begin designing a room

I am working with a client who has a blank slate. A brand new condo off of Michigan Ave and she was only bringing her bed.  So we start with the biggest piece of furniture first. Initially we were thinking grey velvet but the lead time was so long that at the last minute we switched over to Navy Blue (I wrote a blog post about Navy being the new black), which we are treating almost as a neutral. Also in velvet because every chance you get add texture and velvet is durable and wears well. 

The other challenge was finding a sofa that fit an apartment and an open space. The room opened right on the kitchen, was surrounded by windows and you needed to leave room to get on the patio. It was a challenge but we finally found a sofa

Next add a rug. Again something with texture. I loved this one because it had a hint of blue and green and that boho feel without being a copy of a moroccan rug. It skates on just this side of trendy. I also highly recommend something that is mainly wool or cotton or a natural fiber. 

The next large piece was a chair. Joybird Price chair in Dunhill Turquoise. I tried to show my client a grey with a hint of blue, but once she saw the turquoise options there was no turning back. 

Normally at this point I would also have a coffee table picked out, but the space is tight so I want to see the furniture in place first.  On my floor plan layout it looks like the size I have chosen will fit, but I want to make sure there is space for people to walk into the room and comfortably sit down. So, for now I wait for the furniture to arrive. 

And then the fun begins!! 

If you aren't sure where to start then feel free to contact me. 

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