Finding an apartment sized sofa

Andes Sofa  from West Elm 

Andes Sofa from West Elm 

Ironically I haven't been posting as much lately because I've been busy with client work. I thought I would share one of the design challenges I was having and talk through some of my ideas for a solution. 

My client's condo is in a high rise building with amazing views of Chicago and Lake Michigan. It is definitely apartment sized, not mcmansion sized and so there is a size constraint. Adding to that two of the walls are windows and one of the window walls has a sliding door to a patio. There is only one wall to hang art and the TV and the rest of the space is open to the kitchen. So facing South is a wall, West and North are windows and East is kitchen. To make it even more challenging the North window wall is not as wide as the South wall and zig zags back into the kitchen. 

My client wanted an L shaped sectional so you could see the TV and the West window. Some notes on sectionals. They are big. Like really big. The smallest one starts at about 104". That meant the sectional would basically be in the kitchen even if I were to orient it with the back facing the windows, one of the L's would still be in the kitchen. 

Second option to give that sectional feeling but without the bulk would be a chaise. A left side chaise would give you the ability to see the tv and the views. Guess what? Those are huge too! Most sofas with a chaise start at about 94". That means the chaise is basically in the kitchen. You could get a drink from the fridge and not leave the couch. 

I had been using floor plan software, but it is always best to check the space again. So back to the condo I went and I actually used painters tape and marked the edges of a sofa with a chaise to confirm it was too big. I then marked out where I felt a couch could land and not be in the kitchen, leave a path to the sliding door and not be too close to the windows. That left me with 86". 

Korver sectional  from Joybird

Korver sectional from Joybird

I did find one smaller sectional from Joybird and while it is a smidge bigger than I wanted at 90" I think we can make it work. The other awesome thing about Joybird is that their furniture is customizable. I don't really care fro the tufting in the Korver sectional, but you can request it without.

If you are in Chicago I highly recommend that you check out District because they carry Joybird (and I believe they are the only vendor in Chicago that does) and they have an awesome mix of new and vintage furniture and accessories.

Paramount Sofa  from Blu Dot

Paramount Sofa from Blu Dot

The next option I found were sofas with ottomans that had the look of a chaise. So the picture at the top of the post of the Andes sofa is a great option. It is a sofa and ottoman that pushed together give the look and feel of a chaise. 

I also liked the lines of the Paramount Sofa from Blu Dot. It also has an ottoman that can function as a chaise. My only complaint is it doesn't have a lot of fabric options and I really wanted to find something in a lighter grey or in velvet. 

Caitlin Sofa from Interior Define

Caitlin Sofa from Interior Define

I also threw the Caitlin sofa from Interior Define into the mix. It doesn't satisfy the need for a chaise component, but it has such beautiful lines. It's very clean and crisp without looking stark. Plus it has some beautiful fabric options, like this light grey velvet. I also like this option because you can choose what type of metal or wood legs you want. Brass is a bit trendy now, but I think on a sofa like this the brass will stand the test of time. Another note about Interior Define, they are only based here in Chicago but they ship nationwide. They have great reviews and I wouldn't hesitate buying over the internet from them. 

I  picked companies that have are reputable and are within a decent price range. Keep in mind when you are buying a sofa that you want to pick something that will last. I've had my Jasper sofa from Room and Board for over ten years now and it is in great shape. It is also a timeless design and does not look dated at all today. In fact I had another client buy the exact same sofa in brown leather recently. 

I thought it might be helpful to hear my thought process on choosing a sofa and why it can be a good ideal to work with an interior designer. If you are looking for help please let me know


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