The photo above is one of the inspiration pictures I've pinned to 'Kandy's Place'. Light bright, airy and filled with art and plants. 

Let's see where I started. Below is the picture of my living room when I first went to look at the apartment. None of the furniture is mine! I was drawn to the apartment because it had amazing light, good bones, a great layout and I liked that the bedroom was down in the basement. 

And moving in! I think I lived with the computer on the coffee table as a tv for awhile. I needed to find a tv stand. 


Making progress. What amazes me about looking back at these photos is that the bones are there but it is missing heart and soul. 

It's amazing how much a difference curtains and art can make. 

Finally here is the room styled. It just feel so much more warm and inviting. Plants always add life to a room. 

You are probably wondering why I started this blog post with a picture of a dining room and then showed you the progression of my living room. Well, that is because this room is now the dining room. 

First I simply swapped the rooms. 


Then I did a bit of Craigslist hunting and I found this awesome CB2 Table and vintage Bertoia chairs. The table I had was just a little too small. The artwork came down and most of it went to my bedroom. 

Then I hung wallpaper, which I 'll share in another post. 

Next I need to find and hang art. I'd like to get different chairs to replace the orange chairs. I love them, but there isn't as much orange in here as I initially envisioned and they stand out in not a good way. 

I'll keep you posted! 

If you are looking to move things around and change things up let me know


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