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I had a friend tell me about a tv show of a teenager who was kept captive by a cult leader and then when she finally escapes she has to learn how to exist in a world that has moved on without her. My response was um, ok. Then I had another friend tell me about the show Kimmy Schmidt and since multiple people were saying the same thing I decided to give the show a try. And of course I loved it. 

What I also loved was the set. Holy luscious color batman. The turquoise and pinks and purples and reds and allllll the colors! I adore how they complement the casts characters with the set. Kimmy often wears hot pink and against the turquoise walls she stands out even more. Plus nobody can beat Titus for the best outfit award!

To get the Kimmy Schmidt look, which will come with a daily dose of optimistic positivity, think more. More color, more beads, more sparkle, more leopard, more scarves, more tchotckes and a little bit of what you found in your grandma's attic. Throw in some craigslist, kurb or mid-century finds and voila! 

From the New Bohemians via  oldbrandnew.com

From the New Bohemians via oldbrandnew.com

I totally imagine this is what Titus' room could look like.

Image from  Brit.co

Image from Brit.co

This one is for when Kimmy and Titus decide to take the show on the road. 

Via doityourselfrv.com

Via doityourselfrv.com

This would be the bed Kimmy would get when she moves out of her closet. 

Embrace your inner queen and deck out your home. If you want more inspiration head over to Pinterest for my Kimmy Schmidt board. Excuse me while I go drape a scarf over a lamp to set the mood. 


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