Quirky Interior Design

Oh blog how I have missed you!!! I got sick and I feel like I've been playing catch up for a month. 

People talk a lot about eclectic decor, which is a mix of periods, styles and countries, but I tend to favor quirky decor. I love the picture of this living room because it has this unexpected eyelash pillow. It takes a room that is beautifully designed and makes it accessible. 

When I was looking at wallpaper for my dining room I found something that was beautiful, but the room started feeling over designed. And so I totally got alligator print wallpaper and it is gorgeous, and yet, a little quirky. 

My office has a vintage turtle footstool that my mom picked up for me years ago that I reupholstered with an old burlap coffee bag. It's tres chic, but so ridiculous that I love it. 

Don't be afraid to embrace your quirky side. Your home should reflect you. I'm going to leave you with another favorite of mine- the boob pillow. 

Image via  Aleksandrazee

Image via Aleksandrazee

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