Hanging Temporary Wallpaper

I love my wallpaper! I really wanted something on the main wall in my dining room and I wasn't sure if I wanted paint or wallpaper, but I wanted a little bit more. Paint would have been easy but I wanted to dip my toes in the wallpaper craze. Except, I rent and so I started looking at temporary wallpaper. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical but it was easy to put up, looks awesome and you can't tell it is temporary.  Here is a post where I talk through some of my options. I really liked them, but then I started to feel like the house was going to be way too formal. I'm not a formal person and I wanted a little bit of quirkyness in my home. Then I found this alligator print temporary wallpaper from Target.  

I still have a bunch of art to hang and some styling to do, but I really like how this room is shaping up. 

My mom is one of the few people in the world who likes to hang wallpaper. She offered to come to my place and help me hang it. Before she got there I prepped the walls. I filled any holes with spackle and made sure they were smooth. Every bump on your wall is going to be highlighted by the wallpaper. Part of the reason I liked the alligator skin wallpaper is that it has a slight texture that I feel helped hide some of the lumpy bits of my old walls. Sorry the pictures are a little hard to see, but it was the end of the day and the sun was setting so we were getting a lot of light. 

The first step is to measure your wall from left to right and make a light pencil mark in the middle. That is where you want to start. If it would have been me I would have just started where ever, but thankfully my mom was there to provide guidance! Then using a level (thankfully we had a super long one that was my grandfather's) run a line up and down the wall. You want to use the level so that the line is straight up and down. 

Roll out your wallpaper and measure the height of the wall and then add a few inches. Then cut your paper. Don't worry if your bottom line isn't completely straight because you trim the bottom piece. The roll I had wasn't long enough to get another strip out of it. 

Next, remember that line you drew on the wall, now you want to line up the left edge of your wallpaper along that line. You can start with an inch or so of overhang at the top and trim it later. 

Keep pulling down the back lining of the wallpaper and smooth it as you go. We started using the fancy felt tool, but found using our hands was much easier. Then you'll want to use an exacto knife to trim the top excess and the bottom. 

The nice thing about the temporary wallpaper is it was super easy to readjust if you started crookedly. What really surprised me is how good it looks. When I tell people it is temporary wallpaper they are shocked. The real test will be when I go to remove it, but it didn't seem super tacky so I have high hopes it will come down easily. 

It was a great way to add some interest to the main wall in my dining room. I highly recommend adding some temporary wallpaper to your life. 

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