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Image via  Donna Hay   (mine did not look as pretty, but it sure was tasty!)

Image via Donna Hay  (mine did not look as pretty, but it sure was tasty!)

I have been struggling with low energy levels for years now. I've had a couple of bad bouts of depression so I figured it was that, but it can't be the only reason. About five years ago I could barely get out of bed and since I have depression I just thought I was depressed. I went to the doctor for my annual checkup and my vitamin D was so low they couldn't even measure it. Guess what people?! Low vitamin D means you have no energy. 

I'm currently in therapy and it is going well, but my energy was still super low. The irony is that I am still relatively high functioning, but I still wasn't feeling like myself. I've always had a lot of irons in the fire and I refuse to just stop learning, challenging myself, meeting new people and running my business because I'm tired. Nope, not an option. 

A few months ago I got to meet Phoebe Lapin who wrote The Wellness Project. I will admit I almost didn't go to the event because I was feeling self conscious about my weight. It is hard to get healthy when you feel like you are going to be judged. Phoebe was awesome and I love that her book talks about living life on your own healthy terms. So, I highly recommend the book. 

I followed the recommendation in her book to do a month gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, caffeine free and nightshade free (no potatoes, tomatoes, or eggplant because they cause inflammation) eating. It surprisingly wasn't that difficult, but I think it is because I was mentally ready. If I would have forced myself to do this I would have hated it, but I really wanted to try to find some way to feed my body good stuff to get it going. I needed to jump start my engine. 

There were a few tweaks I made: 1) I allowed myself a splash of cream in my morning kishr tea (which is delicious). 2) If I was out to dinner I could have one drink (which was a gin and tonic). The reason I did that was because I know myself and when I am feeling deprived I go overboard the other way and eat everything in sight. 

I'm over a month out and I've still been eating gluten free, sugar free and nightshade free. I've let a little bit of dairy creep back in, but instead of it being at every meal, I only have a little bit occasionally. I've been able to continue eating healthy and it has been awesome. 

It is also easier to eat healthy because it is fall and I am in full on nesting mode.  I feel like I've been pinning every thing I see because I want to cook it! You may want to check out my Mmmm Food board for some inspiration. 

Last weekend I made myself some brunch and these Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Avocado and Poached Egg were delicious. This week I made Roasted Cauliflower, Caper and Tuna Spaghetti with rice spaghetti noodles. I also swapped out organic sour cream for creme fraiche. I also made a Cauliflower and Rainbow Chard Frittata. I love frittata for dinner. I couldn't find rainbow chard and so I used a mix of spinach, chard and kale. I also had feta cheese on hand and used that instead of the goats curd. 

What was great about making these recipes in the same week was I was able to roast one head of cauliflower for two recipes and I used the juice of a lemon in one recipe and the rind in the other. I highly recommend you check out Donna Hay. Her recipes are so simple, but taste complex. Good stuff. 

Have you been cooking anything tasty?? 

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