The Reveal: My client's art filled living space


You guys I'm so freaking excited to share these pictures with you.

My client had really solid building blocks, like the grey couches and fabulous coffee table from his parents, but he needed the finishing touches. He also has a wonderful, eclectic and heartwarming art collection. Talking to him about his art was like taking a walk through his past and the people who have been a huge and important part of his life. 

His aesthetic is quite clean and modern. It is a little bit more restrained then my own home, but it suits him perfectly. I appreciate the challenge of working with different styles. It helps me flex my design muscles. Another thing I like about this space is that it is pretty timeless and it isn't pulling on any trends. It's modern, classical and at the same time warm and welcoming.  Kind of like my client! 

So without further ado, here is the before. 


The apartment has great bones and great light, but my client needed some help with the finishing touches and pulling it all together. As I mentioned he already had the sofas and coffee table. A blue rug and some new pillows, with a hint of color,  really made the space feel much warmer. I love that the rug has gradations of blue in it and isn't quite solid. It makes it feel a bit older then it is.  I also added some wooden accessories to add interest and warm up the space some more. The other thing that really makes the room sing is the art. It was a joy to layout and hang art with this client. 


Here's a before shot of the fireplace.


And here is a close up shot of the corner with the fireplace and the art that surrounds it


Here's a peak at the shelving unit to the left of the couches. My client has a lovely collection of glassware from his family and from his travels. The only thing to do here was to style it out a bit. You'll also notice the printer hiding out on the bottom shelf. Sometimes form follows function and access to the printer was important. 

I also highly recommend putting lamps on bookcases. They become a great source of ambient light and add a little something to the bookcase. 


A gallery wall surrounds the television, in part to distract from the tv, but also because my client had so much art. We needed a big wall to put it all up. 


The biggest changes to the dining room were to hang more art and add fresh flowers! 


Art was also added to the kitchen. How fabulous are these vintage retro advertisements. 


Everything in this space is open to the other rooms. The kitchen flows into the dining room and then dining room into the living room. Here's the kitchen before. 


After! Adding personal items along the tops of the cabinets gives this space much more character. Don't neglect the top of the cabinets. 


I realize the before shots were with an iphone, but sometimes that is all you have. I wasn't trying any shenanigans and wanted to be honest with you. Yes, the after pictures were shot by a photographer. I do have to think that even with an iphone after photo you'd see the difference styling and art make. 

If you have a room that needs some design assistance please feel free to contact me.  Hanging art is one of my favorite things to do and if you don't have any art, no worries, I can help you find some. 


Stay tuned because next week I'll reveal the bedroom and guest bedroom, along with an epic gallery wall. 


All after photos credit Andrew Miller Photography

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