Behind closed doors: The bedrooms revealed


In case you missed it, you are going to want to check out the living spaces of this wonderful home. First up is the guest bedroom, which is a really decent size (especially for a bedroom in Chicago). Below is the before photo. 


Here is the after. This gallery wall is amazing and it stands in for a headboard. It really made this room sing. There's room in here for a chair and also tucked in the corner is a desk (not shown because sometimes messy desks don't need to be shared!). I shared on another post my favorite way to hang a gallery wall and I recommend you check it out. It takes the anxiety out of hanging art. 


Here is the bedroom before. It's also a nice size but it doesn't have much going on as far as architectural details. 


The star of this show is that gorgeous live edge headboard. The client had the furniture, but needed help with finishing touches and hanging art. The art added so much to this space. 


I absolutely love this piece over the dresser. The art in this room is calming and beautiful, which is just what you want in a bedroom. 


I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'm finishing up another client's home which is a mix of mid-century modern and boho and I can't wait to share it with you. 

From hanging art, moving furniture around, creating a design plan so you can do it yourself, styling, finding the perfect color or the right armchair, to decorating your home, there are multiple ways I can assist you with making a house feel like your home. 

Let's chat about your design needs. 


All after photos credit Andrew Miller Photography

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