Styling a vignette

Feng Shui suggests putting something on your dining room table in order to stop the energy from flowing past your dining room. If you have something on your dining table it helps the energy eddy and swirl in your dining room, and you want good energy in your dining room. For me it's the hub of my home, where I work, and where I host friends and family. 

I didn't want anything big that would block sight lines on the table and so I started with a tray as a base to help corral the smaller things. I found this fabulous tray at an estate sale and it was supposed to go in the vintage shop, but....I kept it! 


The first thing I did was gather up some items to use for styling. A few things to keep in mind:

  • You want something that has some height.
  • Something that is interesting, a little funky, or has texture. 
  • Odd numbers work best. When you have a grouping of items you want them to be an odd number. It just works. 

The first thing I started with was this plant because: a) it preferred the light on this table and needed to be moved from direct light where I was scorching it, b) it added height and texture, c) nature is always awesome. 


I kept swapping out things until I found something I liked. The above arrangement was close, but not quite. And then when I swapped out the cream pottery for my copper watering can, it just worked. 


It's a very zen arrangement. I often work at the dining table and I'll light my candle and feel a little less stressed while I get work done! 

Play around with the things you have in your house. I'm often swapping things out within rooms. There is no need to run out and buy something new. If you don't have a tray, try using a table runner and a few larger items. I've been craving a linen table runner because it is such a lovely natural color and has wonderful texture. 

Style away! 

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