2017 house plan

Art inspiration via  WTF

Art inspiration via WTF

I'm sharing my list of interior design things with you to show you that it takes time and that it can be on a budget. I do have a couple of splurge items on my list that I have not yet decided about. I do know that as I focus on each room that I have a budget and sometimes I have to save up for things that I want. I would rather wait for the thing that I want and love instead of wasting money and energy on buying a place holder. 

I love home decorating shows but the reality is that it takes more then a weekend to get things done. I'll admit if someone gave me a bucket of cash, I could probably move things along a little faster but that's not my reality. So don't get discouraged if your place doesn't feel done. Live in it and collect what you need and love slowly but surely. 

I've been in my apartment for three years now. I love my apartment. It has great flow, gets tons of sunshine and has a compact, yet super functional kitchen. It lets me entertain when I want to, which I admit, I do love to cook and have people over. My bedroom is tucked away in the basement and it is dark and quiet (apparently I'm a vampire!). 

Due to budget constraints it has taken me ten plus years to furnish my apartment. I'd love to spend a bucket of money and have it all done at once, but that just isn't possible. I finally feel like I'm in a place where I have the framework down and now I just need the finishing touches. 

I did finally finish my bedroom. It needed paint, art on the walls and some styling. It feels good to have one room down. Granted, knowing me I will probably want to change it within the next year or so! 

The vibe I'm going for. Image via  Margo Hupert

The vibe I'm going for. Image via Margo Hupert

I'm trying to finish up each room before I move on to the next, but we'll see how long that lasts. I definitely tend to have oooh shiny syndrome and bop around from project to project. That's probably why nothing gets done. 

Here is what needs to be done:

  • Dining Room

    • Standing light for by the chair and lamp for workbench.
    • New Curtain Rods (mine actually broke)
    • Sheer Curtains to layer under curtains (I tend to leave the curtains open and it would be nice to have some privacy)
    • Art- I moved most of the art to my office and bedroom 
    • Refinish dining table- I got it on Craigslist and it just needs to be sanded down a bit and re-stained.
    • Style the workbench- It's this huge expanse of empty space. I don't want it to be cluttered, but it definitely needs some fun stuff.
    • Sell and replace dining room chairs-I have a pair of Philippe Starck La Marie chairs in Orange, but want white. I'd like to replace them with something that has a similar low profile to the Bertoia wire chairs I have. 

  • Living Room

      • Paint Hallway
      • softer more comfortable chairs
      • New curtain rod
      • hang plants
      • change up the coffee table? (I've had the same coffee table for over ten years and I like it but it may be time for something new...maybe)

    • Kitchen

      • Clean and organize 
      • Paint it teal
      • Clean out and put more shelves in the pantry closet (I'm scared to open the door!)
      • Get a new soap dispenser
      • Style the counter tops
      • Hang film on windows (this room gets almost no light and I'd like to top part to be open, but my neighbors can see in when they walk down the back stairs)
      • Small lights for over dining sink
      • Rewire small lamp
    • Bathroom

      • Clean and declutter
      • Rug
      • Plant
      • Another piece of art
    • Study

      • Make a slipcover for the chaise 
      • sew pillow cover
    I love this  USA-OK  Chair made right here in Chicago! 

    I love this USA-OK Chair made right here in Chicago! 

    Tables via  A+R

    Tables via A+R

    Kitchen Styling via  Emily Henderson

    Kitchen Styling via Emily Henderson

    Quite a bit of what needs to be done is cleaning up and decluttering. Good fun! I find sometimes that we live with things that are broken and worn for way too long because we get used to it. That's why paint the hallway is on my list because it is marked up and beige. 

    Styling inspiration with art and pottery. Image via  design sponge

    Styling inspiration with art and pottery. Image via design sponge

    I have been on the hunt for art for the dining room, but I can't quite make up my mind! While I do that I will just work on checking things off the to do list. Hopefully I will have a progress report sooner rather than later! 

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