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Image via  Greige Design

Image via Greige Design

I was talking to someone recently and they mentioned Gustavian furniture. Oh how I covet thee. I am definitely drawn to Scandinavian style but Gustavian style is absolutely gorgeous. It came out of a visit that King Gustav from Sweden had to Versailles in the late 1700s. But he reinterpreted the NeoClassical style that had just become all the rage. 

I feel like the Swedish NeoClassical style was more refined and a little less flashy. That combined with the natural elements and pale colors favored at the time creates some beautiful rooms. If anyone has a spare a spare Mora clock feel free to ship it to me! 

Image  via

Image via

While I appreciate the pale blues, greens and yellows- grey and white is where my heart lies. 

Image via  Gustavian Designs
Image via  Style Estate

Image via Style Estate

Seriously that stove! And the clock, the chandelier, painted wall and those chairs. 

Image via  Eleish van Breems

Most of us aren't very traditional these days and so I thought I'd highlight a couple of Swedish rooms that take some of those traditional elements but interpret them in a thoroughly modern way. 

Image via  Domino

Image via Domino

This room! I love the vintage trim and that stove along with the pale green, yet the furniture is modern and crisp. 

This next room is still pretty traditional but I included it because the light is vintage industrial, which changes the look of the space. Plus I love those black cabinets. 

Image via  Laurel Bern

Image via Laurel Bern

This room! It's such a great mix of vintage and modern. The mirror is so very NeoClassical and yet the lamp in front of it is oh so modern. 

Image via  Dust Jacket

Image via Dust Jacket

I'm just going to move in. 

Image via  One Kin Design

Image via One Kin Design

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