August Mood Board

Photographer Lisa Cohen. Image via  Inside Out

Photographer Lisa Cohen. Image via Inside Out

August's mood board was inspired by two different clients who both were looking at a blue/green color scheme for their home. I love this color scheme and use it in my own dining room. I feel like t is one of the easier colors to play with along the spectrum, especially if you use the color wheel. 

What's great about using an analogous color scheme is it is so easy to pick color! I knew my clients wanted blue and green so I start with navy blue and move all along into blue green. All of those colors are fair game and will work together. 

Image via  House to Home

Image via House to Home

This room ranges from a bright blue, to turquoise, to green and even into the realm of acid green. Yet, because they are all analogous to each other on the color wheel it works. If saturated color isn't your thing then take a look at the image below. A range of pale blues and greens work well together and don't forget to include plants! 

Image via  vtnonen

Image via vtnonen

My first client requested the colors blue and green and I'm looking at a navy chaise in the library and a pale green rug. They are converting their dining room into a library (how cool is that!), which is right across the hall from the living room. The living room couch will be neutral but the rug will be a pale turquoise, the pillows will be brighter greens and navy blues (to carry the color from the library across to the living room).

My second client had these amazing art posters from concerts she had played in. Most of those were blue and green and then she had a yellow pillow on the couch that I wanted to incorporate into the design. So, I went further along the color wheel and her color scheme is blue, green and yellow. Here are some examples. 

Image via  West Elm

Image via West Elm

The queen of darkeness-  Abigail Ahern

The queen of darkeness- Abigail Ahern

Image via  Turbulences Deco

For both of my clients we aren't painting the walls, but adding color through rugs, pillows, furniture, lighting and art. Don't feel like you have to paint (especially if you rent) in order to bring color into your home. If you can paint then do it because it is so much fun to play with colors. And if you need help, color is one of my favorite things. Feel free to connect with me

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