Use what you've got in your home

This is one of the first projects that I did even before I hung up my shingle as an interior designer. This client already had fabulous furniture, art and accessories but she just needed some help with hanging art and the finishing touches. I also loved that most of the things she had were items from family, mementoes from travels or gifts from people who mean a lot to her.  



As you can see from the first photo, the after, and this one all of the furniture was shifted towards this end of the room and it's a long room. It felt kind of crowded over here and poor Miles needed a home. 



The first thing I did was to center the couch on the main wall, which created some breathing space behind the gold chairs and the love seat. 

The other important change was to hang her art. These beautiful pieces were hidden behind her couch. 

One of my favorite small changes was to put this beautiful basket on the top of her armoire. It had been hidden away in a corner and now it has it's own perch. 

Within an hour I was able to give her space finishing touches, rearrange the furniture and fix the flow and hang art. What I loved about this project is that I was able to take things that she already had and finish the space. 

If you need help with the finishing touches fill out this form today and I'll be in touch. 

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