How to add color without painting the walls

This next picture may shock you because it is kind of ugly. My bedroom is down in the basement and the ceilings are about 7 feet tall, the walls are beige and it gets little to no natural light. 

Over time I've changed out the bedding and I decided to embrace my cave like bedroom by introducing dark jewel tone colors. FYI it is the best place to sleep! 

What I really wanted to do was add some color to the walls but since I rent I wanted to find a way to do it without painting the walls. 

I found three large artists canvases, which can be a bit pricey, but I got them for 60% off. 

I painted each canvas with Behr flat paint in Polished Leather. Then I used a stencil that I found on Etsy from CuttingEdgeStencils. I wanted something large to play with the scale of the room. 

I painted the stencil in Behr Divine Wine but I used glossy paint. That's why you see a bit of shimmer. 

It's really challenging to take pictures in this room since there is almost no light! What I loved about this project is that I can take those panels with me and repaint them and use them again. It added something to the room that was really unique. And what surprised me was when I hung them the darkness made that wall recede and the room felt bigger. 

If you need help with your bedroom let me know

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