Playing with Styling

I wrote a while back about how to style a coffee table and that post gives some tips and pointers on styling. This post is just to show you how I played around with my coffee table one afternoon. I find that things don't remain static in my house and I'm constantly moving things around. This change was predicated on this amazing Danish hand blown glass vase I found at the Elkhorn Flea Market last month and a wooden box so I could hide away my television remote. 

The round tray returned to the table because it's a great way to corral all the wee things I have. 

I really wanted this tall ceramic vase to work here, but it's a bit too tall and a bit too white so the plant is returned to the table.  

 I put the plant on top of the books, but there wasn't enough contrast and so I swapped my vintage camera with it. 

The box was a little low and needed the books to give it some height. 

I'm liking this, but the box feels a bit like it blocks the flow on the table. Therefore I swapped them. 

And voila! I also put some coasters on top of the box because people better be using coasters on my wood table!! Feel free to play with your styling. I get bored with my decor and just switching up the small things makes it feel fresh and new. 

If you are stuck and aren't sure how to style your space let me help you

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