Casual Entertaining

I celebrated my birthday on my back porch on a hot steamy night with some very dear friends. There were no flowers, no fancy party favors, no beautiful place settings and we drank wine out of jam jars (because I broke all my wine glasses!). 

I have no Pinterest worthy pictures. While I wish I would have remembered to snap a picture to hold that memory close, I was so engaged with the people around me that I simply forgot. 

I put out some pre-made guacamole and chips, some vegi's and dip and voila. I ordered pizza. A friend very generously made a cake. 

I wore jeans and a t-shirt while I snacked on chips and drank my wine. It was perfect. 

I'll admit that sometimes I want to cook a lovely meal and set the table beautifully,  but it was a Wednesday night and kind of hot out. I just wanted to hang out and enjoy the evening and my wine! 

Entertaining isn't about how everything looks, it's about the mood. Don't feel pressured to have to make a 5 course meal or cook everything yourself. Either asks guests to bring something to eat or order in. You are a good host when you look around the table and everyone is calm, relaxed and happy. That really only happens when you are also calm and happy! 

If you haven't invited people over because you were anxious about being a host I would highly suggest you just do it. Make it a casual affair and with a bit of food (it's ok if it's not made by you!), maybe some alcohol and everyone will have a good time if you are having a good time. 

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