June Mood Board-Peach

Image via  Fjeldborg

Image via Fjeldborg

This months mood board is brought to you by the color peach. I can practically here my inner goth teenager shrieking 'seriously- peach'. Who knew I'd grow up to appreciate pastels. Granted, this is not the 80s Palm Springs peach of my youth. That was a very orange-y peach. This peach is a little more sophisticated and sometimes veers into blush and other times into copper. (Um, did anyone else not realize what the phrase 'I really like your peaches want to shake your tree' meant from the song The Joker by Steve Miller band. Someone in high school had to explain it to me and I was shocked!) 

I'll admit that the Scandinavian's do peach best. I love the all white walls with just the right touch of peach or pastel colors. The room above shows how best to mix pastels. With an all white palette it is possible to mix peach, light blue and yellow without it feeling overbearing. Below is another example of mixing pastels. I love that bit of peach on the wall. 

Image via  Arch Zine

Image via Arch Zine

If that is too much color for you don't fret. This picture has a hint of peach in the rug and pillows and decor on the wall picks up that color with copper tones. 

Image via  piclovin

Image via piclovin

Or this bedroom with a peach that veers into orange bedspread. I'm ready for a nap. 

Image via  vtwonen

Image via vtwonen

Sometimes pale hues just don't do. Then go a shade darker and embrace the peach like this dining room or the bedroom below does. 

Image via  Apartment Therapy

Or embrace your inner bohemian/world traveler and pair peach with a luscious green. I would love to lounge in this bedroom.  

Image via  Elle Decor

Image via Elle Decor

I keep challenging myself to play with colors that I don't normally like and I'm finding that my tastes have changed. All of these rooms have an element that I love, even though the color is peach. 

Anyone else using peach in their decor? I was going to say show me your peaches, but then I realized how inappropriate that sounded!!  

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