Work bench my grandfather made

Work bench my grandfather made

I had a beautiful day on Saturday and got to spend it with friends, out in the sun, drinking local beer at the Ravenswood On Tap event. We decided to stop off at the local pub on the way home for some dinner, basically because it was on the way. 

It had been so hot out in the sun, but thankfully the sun had ducked below the horizon and we were in the shade on the patio. We were seated across from an elderly couple who were pretty quiet. He was stooped with age and she seemed a bit younger. 

They had a couple of drinks and a bag of chips but that was it. One of the staff asked if he could bring them anything to eat and she said no, and mentioned that her companion's sister had just died. 

I went to find our waitress and asked if I could please buy the couple a drink. I was just so sad and while I've never lost a sibling I do know what it feels like when someone close to you dies. A little sympathy goes a long way. She was very gracious in her thanks. He nodded off and his sunglasses fell in his lap. 

This gentleman at the bar reminded me so much of my great-grandfather who was so frustrated when his body started to fail him. He had always been active and was an amazing woodworker and his gradual decline was hard to watch. 

What I did, buying them a drink, was so small and I admit I was moved to do so by the FB group I Like Giving. Part of me wishes I would have talked to her more but that's not quite in my nature. 

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