Styling my dresser

Image via  Lonny

Image via Lonny

While my home is a mix of mid-century modern and victorian it is pretty streamlined. Yes, I do have some pieces of furniture that have curves and ornamentation but those are juxtaposed against mid-century modern pieces. 

My living room and dining room are bright and airy, which I love. My bedroom on the other hand is pretty dark and the ceiling height is about 7', compared to upstairs and my 10' foot ceilings. 

I've embraced the space and decided to create a cozy, eclectic retreat. The colors are dark, rugs are layered haphazardly and my dresser is a vintage dark wood buffet. It used to be my great-grandparents and I just can't seem to get rid of it even though it doesn't quite match my style. For this room though, it works.  

Image via  Notre Loft

Image via Notre Loft

Currently I've been struggling with styling the top of the dresser and so I've been looking for inspiration. I want it to reflect my history and my story and also make people want to take a second look. I had a friend say that she loved coming to my house because she always discovered something new. 

Image via  Abigail Ahern

Image via Abigail Ahern

I'm starting with things I have in the house already. I'm moving things around and playing with styling my dresser. It may take a little while (all good things do) but I think soon I'll be able to share a post that gives the final reveal. 



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