A room designed around spring

After last week's post about embracing spring blossoms and pink I decided to challenge myself to create a room around those elements. I didn't want it to be overly saccharine sweet and so I wanted to ground that pink with another color. 

Initially I was looking at a cherry blossom wallpaper that had blue, pink and green in it so I decided to pull the green into my color scheme. I found this wonderful green velvet sofa. I wanted something that had a hint of olive to it.

Then I realized that I preferred the green and pink color scheme. I initially was relying on the wallpaper to guide my color choices, which is definitely a great option, but always take a look at the color wheel. Green and pink are complementary colors (colors directly across from each other on the color wheel) and so they work quite well together. It is definitely not a color combo I would come up with off the top of my head, but I love it. 

I decided to look for a more muted wallpaper with a nod to my cherry blossom theme because I was focusing my color scheme on green and pink. I found this wonderful Graham and Brown cherry blossom print wallpaper. It has a very neutral background but the cherry blossoms are glossy and reflective so there is a bit of interest and dimension to the paper. Just in case the wallpaper is too much for the whole room I found this beautiful pale pink called Bridal Pink from Benjamin Moore. 

That chair makes me want to redecorate my apartment. Sweet pink fabric with a geometric base and clean lines work really well against the tufted sofa. I found this great coffee table on Etsy with an interesting shape and great brass legs. This brass chandelier works great as a complement to the coffee table and it also brings in a great modern element. 

The piece de resistance is the rug I found on Chairish. I started with the paint color and the green sofa and then to stumble across a rug that ties all of those colors together is pretty cool. A few finishing touches a few flowers, plants and vases from Alapash and voila. A beautiful space I would be happy to call my own. 

I do admit playing with color is one of my favorite things to do. If you need some color in your life then contact me for a free initial consult. 

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