All the books, or at least the ones I read in March

My dream would be to have a bookstore with a coffee shop, brewery and bakery. While I continue to dream I'll just keep reading books. 

I have really been trying to dedicate 20 minutes each day to reading. I don't always manage but I have found that setting aside the time gives me time to quiet the chatter in my brain, learn something new and get deeper insight into myself and my business. 

The first book was for book club and is Heads in Beds: a reckless memoir of hotels and hustles and so called hospitality by Jacob Tomsky. It was fascinating. I don't stay in hotels as much anymore because I usually use AirBNB but this book gave a really interesting look into the hotel industry. It also made me see how to hustle and use hospitality in my own business. I'd give this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

I finally finished reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I bought the book a few years back when I was going through a rough time and I just wasn't ready then to read it. Now I felt much more capable of taking her words to heart. There were a few chapters that really made me take a much closer look at my internal landscape and set about making some changes. 4 out 5. 

The book that I completely devoured and may need to go buy (I had checked it out from the library) was Essentialism by Greg McKeown. This is one of those life changing books. It really made me look at the things I was doing in my life that I resented doing, did out of habit, did because of some weird external or internal pressure and how I lived my life. It really made me want to cut through all of the physical, emotional and time clutter to get to the real joys of living. I also wish that everyone around me would read this book. Seriously. 5 out 5. 

You may notice that I link to local bookstores when I talk about my books. I'll admit that I tend to get my books from the library, but I really do try to support local bookstores when I need to buy a book. I don't always succeed, but I try. I highly recommend checking out your local bookstore. They are always willing to order books for you too! 

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