Devil those eggs

By now you probably have about a gazillion hard-boiled eggs laying around after hunting them down from in bowls and behind curtains (that was my grandfather's favorite hiding spot). Devil them! 

I've always had a fondness for deviled eggs but they needed a bit of an upgrade. In lieu of adding salt I started putting capers in my deviled eggs years ago but this year I upped my game. I fried capers and sprinkled them on top and dang it was tasty.  

As usual my recipe is a bit vague because I don't really use a recipe. 

Cut hard-boiled eggs in half and scoop out the yolk. Set the whites aside. Drop in a good dollop of mayonnaise and a smidge of dijon mustard and using a fork cream the yolks and the mayo. You want it nice and smooth. If it is too dry add another dollop of mayo. Then chop up a pinch of capers and add them to the mix. Not too many because then it will be too salty. You don't want to taste the capers at this point. You just want a hint of caper. 

Take your yolk mix and scoop it into a plastic bag. Cut the bottom corner of the plastic bag and you have an instant decorator bag which makes it much easier to fill your egg whites with. I'm often bringing deviled eggs as an appetizer to a party and I transport the whites and yolks separately and then put them together when I reach my destination. 

Then sprinkle with paprika. Please note if your paprika is more then a few years old it is time to get a new jar. You want that tangy bite of the paprika not just red coloring.  

Heat oil in a small pan and fry up your capers. It only takes a moment. Let them sit on a paper towel to drain off the excess oil. Then sprinkle on top of your deviled eggs. 


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