Moving furniture around

When I switched around my living room and dining room there wasn't really a good place to put the television and so it got stashed in the corner. Of course since I stashed it in the corner I ignored that was not where it was supposed to go for months. Also, I don't have a hall closet so my coat ends up on the landing! 

One night a friend came over and helped me mount the television to the wall. It swings back and is kind of hidden in that little hallway. Phew. Then I could get rid of the television stand and move my secretary desk over to where I always wanted it. Granted the tv is hung a little high and I'm probably going to drop it down a bit. I'm also still debating moving it in to the other room because I don't like the cords hanging out. We shall see. 

That secretary desk fits perfectly in that corner and looks great with the art I have hanging there. The television was just awkward in that corner. 

Getting rid of one piece of furniture and moving the other made such a huge difference in the room. It felt much more open and bright. Plus then I was finally able to plug in my awesome concrete lamp which has a beautiful soft glow. 

Think of one piece of furniture you don't use or that you simply hate and get rid of it! 

If you need help with ideas on how to move things around join me next week for Interior Design 101. 

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